tradespace education

TradeSpace offers traders of all levels a platform to boost performance, connect with other traders, and find their higher purpose. Trading can be lonely. It's especially hard to connect with other traders for shared challenges and goals. At TradeSpace, we help traders find their purpose and connect with people who share it.



TradeSpace 3 month, one-on-one coaching program offers you the following benefits

  • Initial assessment/consultation to establish your current aptitude and goals
  • Unlimited access to a trading coach, with hands on guidance through all course offerings
  • Learning amongst 12 different traders that can share bits and pieces of knowledge of all markets
  • Operating from a trading floor with experienced traders
  • Access to and Investors Undergroundsteam room
  • Exclusive premium workstation
  • Trading recaps after hours
  • Discounted desk after the 3 months - 10% a month at TradeSpace Offices

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