Bring your laptop.

Space for Everyone

Designed so that any type of freelancer can come to work comfortably and efficiently. We have graphic designers, video editors, copy writers and most of all, content creators coming in during all hours of the day to handle their workloads. Remember when you’re a member here at TradeSpace, access is 24/7 and sometimes the best thing to do during the evenings is film content! It is also a good opportunity for you to grow your network and get exposure to the financial markets. There are plenty of folks working in different industries that share interest in getting started in the financial markets and this is a great place to be to feed that interest. One of the biggest values the office has to provide is the access to information. And information is the most valuable commodity.

La Cocina

Our kitchen comes fully equipped with a charging station and a coffee machine that feeds life to our traders throughout the long working days. Pueblo is across the street and many of our traders cook lunches or do meal prep for the week at the office. An ice machine is on the premises as well as two small refrigerators to store your perishables.

La Sala

Comfortable space to lounge out while waiting for trades to workout or to take a break from the screens. Comes fully equipped with charging outlets, chess board, and a Playstation 5 preloaded with a few fan favorites like Fifa and Call of Duty. As a member of TradeSpace, many have taken advantage of this space to get together with their friends on the weekend to watch Sunday night football or other major live streaming events.  

El Templo

El Templo is the sacred space of our office. Clear your mind, breathe and take some time just for yourself. The meditation room can you help you bring clarity and focus to your day in the morning or can help you destress after a complicated day trading the markets. We’ve equipped the room with books, plants, incense, as well as a Sonos/YouTube hook up to play your favorite guided meditation video or listen to calming playlists. Remember to take your shoes off!

La Ducha

Come straight from the gym across the street and take a shower. No need to make an extra stop at home to suit up for your day. Traffic in San Juan gets crazy and traders/entrepreneurs have different schedules and demands than most people. Having a shower on the premise allows you to flow naturally through your day no matter what it may demand.


One Person ・ No Assigned Desk ・ Shared Space ・ Starting at $30

Frequently Asked Questions

When you get a membership, you will be able to access our space whenever you want using your own code.
You can reserve as many day passes as you like. Memberships are also available on a weekly, monthly, and yearly basis.
Yes, you can buy several day passes and use them on days you prefer. Please let us know ahead of time if you will be coming in as we do have limited space on any given day
Passes must be used within 30 days of purchase, we do not offer refunds.

There are 14 trading desks and 8 additional spaces for bringing your own device available. We also offer a state-of-the-art conference room for rent on an hourly basis to non-members. Members are free to use it.

No, you’ll need to check in through our CoBot system once you arrive or sign up for a long-term membership.
TradeSpace is centrally located in San Juan, Puerto Rico. We are in Santurce which is a borough known for its art district, restaurants, and coffee shops.
Everyone in the office has access to the common space, so please feel free to use the kitchen and lounge areas. Make sure you clean up after yourself.